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2019 was a great and productive year & 2020 is only going to get better.

This is the first blog post of 2020 and I hope that the new structure of blog posts I am going to introduce makes my blog look my cohesive.

I loved my old blog graphic so much that I created a non-digital version. Granted it is not the best but that’s okay because not all art has to be perfect.

Even though we are starting a new year if you haven’t read these December posts, yet the links are below.

December Blog post’s:

I am excited to bring some new changes to the blog posts. So, I created a blog post layout that I will be using to roughly outline the blog posts.


2020 blog post outlines

(Blog graphic 2020)

Intro sentence: A line to connect the blog post and body of the blog pos together.

Body of blog post.


Upcoming projects


Social media links

Sign off logo


Excited for January 2020 and all the new projects. First is to finish sketchbook tour videos. By the way the next one is going to be sketchbook part three (inktober). Also planning on opening a new page on website. Where I have free line art coloring pages available.

My biggest goal by February is to have my website domain name. I had bought one and was going to change my website but that didn’t work out so. Each month I will be doing a little preview blog posts like the one your reading right now.

Also, if you see anything, I post that you liked to have drawn for you shoot me a message and we can have a conversation. You can message me on any of my social medias or on my website contact form. Also planning on opening a new shop on my website for selling original art and maybe a place for created art work.

Okay so I am going to show you the 2020 business card and the 2020 business



Upcoming projects are:

1.) Sketchbook part three (inktober 2019)

2.) A 2019 highlight reel of my most liked posts.

Don't forget if you haven't already followed me on social media:

Sincerely, MariesArtESt2017

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