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3 things I do for self care as an artist

Hello to all my readers so let’s grab a cup of coffee and chat about self-care as an artist again. To see the first time, I chatted about this click the link: Self-care as an artist:

1.) When I’m not in a good head space or I’m just down I draw.

When I feel like I’m not in a super good head space I like to draw. Doesn’t matter what I draw just as long as it distracts me from the problem on my mind. I found an article that talks about this topic here I will share the link to it.

2.) Not all art is geared to sell try something new or experiment with ideas.

Someone told me recently that they know I work hard on my art and try my best to sell some pieces. But they caught me off guard when they asked me did, I make things for fun recently. At the time they asked me this I was currently making a wooden unicorn and anchor for one as a gift and one for myself but then I decided to attempt to sell it.

(picture here)

3.) Go out for a walk and let ideas find you. Take a sketchbook and tools to use.

Go out for a walk grab your sketchbook a pencil pouch and go let inspiration find you. Like something want to save it for later then snap a photo on your camera or phone and you have a real-life reference photo.

Art I did this week:

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