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4 Ways to use your sketchbook

This week on the blog we will be talking about four ways to use your sketchbook.

1. Collage Art: Cut out images from magazines, newspapers, or old books

and use them to create collages in your sketchbook.

Combine them with your drawings or paintings for a mixed-media effect.

I love to do this it reminds me of being a kid and doing it with my grandma.

Now as a mom myself I did it with my son for his Christmas wish list.

2. Pattern Design: Create patterns and textures in your sketchbook.

Use them as backgrounds for your other sketches or as standalone pieces of art.

I love to do a rough acrylic painted background one where you don't smooth it out.

3. Mind Maps and Concept Mapping:

Use your sketchbook to visually map out ideas, concepts, or projects.

This can help you brainstorm and organize your thoughts.

This is very easy concept for me with thumb nails.

4. Art Prompts: Use art prompt generators or books to come up with random ideas for sketches.

This can help you break out of creative ruts and explore new subjects.

I noticed that i like to draw flowers a lot.

But this idea helps to do different flowers.

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