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5 ways to deal with mental health

This week on the blog i want to talk about dealing with your mental health.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed professional ! I am just a human with mental health who

hopes to be able to help someone else not struggle.

let me list the five ways then we will go into more details:

1. Have you done a self checking with your mental health?

2. Do you have copping skills?

3. As we grow are we updating our coping skills?

4. How do you allow others to help with your mental health issues?

5. Are you willing to see a psychiatrist and or therapist?

Have you done a self checking with your mental health?

What i mean by this is have you said xyz is the problems I'm facing.

Now ABC is how I plan to cope?

This is how I plan to work on these issues .

Do you have copping skills?

If you are like me you have a tool box of copping skills ready at hand.

Sometimes you need to evaluate can you take this skill with you on the go.

for example, I have art and reading as copping skills.

I have a sketchbook in my purse with me at all times.

When I know going on a long trip or doctors appointment I a physical book or my tablet with me.

The important part is that we need skills that can travel with us because most of our mental issues don't happen at home.

As we grow in life our you updating your copping skills toolbox?

By toolbox I mean your purse or a separate bag in your car.

As we grow and over use certain skills they can become less effective and this means it's time to find a new one.

If doesn't mean that previous skill can't be used later on. It just means it needs a cool down.

How do you let others help you with your mental health?

This helps me not over think what I need to do and say at the appointment.

It helps for someone to listen to your game plan before you share it with your doctor.

Are you willing to see a physicist or therapist?

The first step is noting a mental health problem.

Step two is to take action to get help for the problem.

But you need to be willing to accept the help.

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