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A Facebook post from 2019

Going through memories on Facebook I found this post and wanted to share it with my readers and any one who is struggling.

This Rose is a symbol the not everything is made of the same original mold. That sometimes what other see as being rebellious is really you taking the pen and writing that sentence down on paper. Today I won't let no one write my story but me. Each day as I move forward into what is next I am writing that story I am the one telling my story. My story is long my story has Pages missing because I'm an imperfection.

Sometimes I write down words if for some reason they feel not my own. There's always a person who's guiding you cheering you on from the sidelines. Encouraging you to the use your struggles to guide someone else as they are doing for you. Whether you know it or not this person has been there has been there since day one. Whether you feel that they are doing what is best for you might not seem right to you at first. As the pages of your story begin to Yellow from years past. In the world of technology is fast advancing but you still feel that you need to take that ink pen to that piece of paper and write how you feel. Nothing is wrong with that for when if the world ends you still have the notebook,

The journal in your hand whereas a piece of a digital writing will be lost forever. With technology comes plagiarizing other people's things not because that person isn't creative on their own but because what you say means a lot to them they just can't get the emotion I don't pay for themselves. For many years I thought I didn't know what I needed but truly I knew from the beginning. I wanted to be loved and not for the wrong reasons. I wanted to feel that in a relationship I'm not the one doing all the work.

I know my story has many more chapters to go but no longer will those chapters be of pain and of Sorrow of current events but pain and sorrow from the past. For the little girl inside me has cried and has cried,no More Tears to shed because she has to be the strong one. For she's the one that everyone sees because I am too afraid to be honest to be real because each time that I have I've become broken. In the last 2 years my life has become several many chapters to a greater big chapter. I've gone through struggles but no longer.

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