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A hectic week and now it's Friday.

Dear reader welcome to the blog.

This was one of my busy week of the year. I was in doctor appointments all day Wednesday due to this year being the catch up my physical health.

Over the last years 2018 and 2022 I let me health decline. I focus my main attention to my mental health while i physical health took a plummet.

I started in having denial in August 2023 that I let it get so bad and started making the appropriate appointments for my health.

I think due to my marriage falling apart and dealing with my toxic ex also my child's bio dad. I fell into a funk and only kept my son's physical health up to date.

My doctor visits where just for my mental health and nothing more.

At least till August when I got my butt into gear and started to play a nine ending game of catch up.

For most people jugging your business, kids, and personal life is easy.

For someone like me who had anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder if can be challenging.

I been successful this year at noticing burnout and being able to slow it down and stop before it happens.

Selling my art this year as been hard and it's due to lack of promoting my art and

people being able to see art as a worthy purchase when the cost of living is so high.

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