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A letter from me to my past self before art came into the picture

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Three years ago, the version of me was anxious and depressed. And it was a very dark place, it took me to depths of my mind that scared me.

That's when I began Daydreams of drawing art. Looking back now, I have a little bit of 90s nostalgia thinking of the coloring with numbers that we all wanted to do. Also, there's felt coloring sheets. I drew this yesterday and I really liked the way that I chose to make the roast dark on the inside and bring it out to light colors.

In theory this type of coloring page is meant to help you reduce anxiety and to calm down your emotions. For me as an artist it helps me to calm down and it also helps me understand patterns and color placement. I wanted to do so research on the reasons that coloring is therapeutic and i found this article I will list three of the ten reason then give you the link if you want to read the rest.

Ten therapeutic reasons to color as an adult:

1.) Color pages help de-stress.

2.) coloring activities help activate both sides of the cerebral cortex hemisphere.

3.) Coloring pages for adults take them back to childhood.

The link to the original article is:

Thinking about this makes me realize that as an artist that I make art because there are plenty of rough times from my childhood.

I never was too good at coping when I let my depression control me. I would read my books and isolate myself from world. Whereas when I began doing art almost three years ago. I wanted to break down the walls and use this new form of expression to grow to learn that I could be good at something.

I am in college studying business so that I can purse my passion for art as a full-time career apart from being a stay at home mom.

A few days ago, I did my first ever acrylic pour paintings and it was a big mess to clean up but making them was fun. I video recorded me making them. I might make the whole process into a video.

Let me know if you would like to see it as a video on my social medias.

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xoxo, MariesArtEST2017

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