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A live update and black friday sale

This week I want to share a life update and some art for sell.

So, let's start with my mental health. For a two week period I was sleeping ten plus hours almost every night. I talked with my doctor and she took me off the sleeping medicine I was taking. She has talked with me about my manic bipolar episode and up my anti depression medication.

On to life as a mom and business owner. My son got his first toddler bed. I am getting ready for black friday sales and excited to put up some new artwork if I sell some of what's in my shop now.

(Image credit here:

I've been living my life like its in full bloom lately. Trying to finish a project I started then doctor appointments and depression got in the way. I'm planning to finish it this week.

I am trying to be intentional with my life and my to do list. Prioritizing tasks that need to be done asap. Not fellow guilty if something non priority doesn't get done.

Art for sell for $3 each is. Except the one that says they are being sold together.

Are you ready for a week of black friday sales. From today til November 26, 2021. You can save 5% on your order. use code "Black Friday 5% Off" at check out.

Here are my links and my book.

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