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A mini bit of my growth with my business since 2017

What’s new this week is that I feel like it’s time for a new website. So, I am working to start a Kickstarter campaign. I created it and now I wait for it to launch but I am giving away three different types of art. More on this later.

The story on my Kickstarter account for the fundraiser to support my new website.

I have been making art for three years. I started sharing my art on my personal Facebook and after a while I decide that maybe art could be a business. I was in the process of changing my college major, so I decide to change it to business. I created my current website with WIX in May of 2018. Now in August of 2020 I have evolved and WIX is not the place where my website can continue to grow. I started doing my research and found that Square space is going to be the best option for my business to continue to grow. I am looking to raise the funds to pay for the website for at least the first two months. I am hoping that you will join me on the journey of expanding to a new website where my blog posts and my new shop can exist all in one place.

What do you get based on the amount you pledge? For $2 you get to choose an artwork already created. For $5 dollars you get to request custom art from me. For $10 You get to choose a painting already done. There are only six paintings available so if you want a painting id hurry.

Working hard to not focus on the number of subscribers but sometimes it is a helpful tool to see if what I’ve done in that month is helping my business or hurting my business. In 2019 I found this social media tracker and I used it. For 2020 I created my own, but I noticed buy doing this that Facebook had been growing slowly and it wasn’t as fun to post on Facebook anymore. So, I made the decision to drop Facebook as a part of my business and to focus more on Instagram and twitter. Then I created my YouTube channel. Below I will have 2019 and 2020 trackers below.

I’ve been working hard doing some things in my personal life. I started a new job and will be doing college again on the 24th of August. I am working hard to find the best ways to do time management and one of those ways is by trying keep my to do list to a minimum of only so many tasks.

I am subscribed to this email list for a word of the day and I thought I would share today’s since It has to do with an artist.


Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, 1916


An early-20th-century international movement in art, literature, music, and film, repudiating and mocking artistic and social conventions and emphasizing the illogical and absurd.

Examples of Dada in a sentence

"I didn't understand Dada art until I visited the Marcel Duchamp exhibition."

"The Italian film festival had many Dada-inspired entries."

Now to am going to share to coloring pages I did yesterday in mixed media. I’m huge J.K. Rowling fan I bought the fantastic beats and where to find them coloring book. These are two pages from that book.

Sorry fro this post being so short it just been a busy week.

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