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A new poem and some artwork I've down

I am working hard to make some new content so for now here is a new poem and some artwork I’ve done this week. One painting I had to redo because my son destroyed the painting with a pen.

Into the world of my mind.

It's a cluttered mess in here it is dark and scary.

My thoughts are a racing mess and it’s hard to figure out from the static.

Can’t my thoughts slow down so I can think Stright and clearly?

One two three my brain is a mess.

Need a pen and paper to jot down all the mess in my head.

One two three let me breathe and refocus the mind.

The first painting that I did is:

The second paint aka the remake is:

Other artwork I did:

I am working hard to make sure my days are less stressful and working though the mental health issues I do have. Last week I got raw and opened up this week is no different than anything I said last week in my letter blog post.

Hope you like and subscribe to the blog.

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