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A short story that I just had to get out of my hand.

(Disclamier: this is a work of fiction. A short story to show art can be a therapy to use to cope with mental health. ) Allison seemed like she had everything in her life. The good guy or so people thought he had a bad problem of keep his secretary a little too close for comfort. He give her pay raises to keep his acholic behavioir a secret. A lawyer though made good money. He took care of Allison after her parents passed away. She was 19 so she moved in with him since her grandparents passed away the year before. Left with no other family in the state and no way to get to Dallas, Texas where Michael her brother lived. Dalton promised he help save up the money to get Allison a plane ticket to Texas. So he could use the plane ticket over head as a way to keep her with him. He had been able to persuade her to stay with him. He seemed like a good hearted person but behind close doors he was am alcoholic. He would call her names and dragutory treams. When she tell him to piss off he grab her arm and hit her. It never was a romantic echange. If he asked for it wearher it be sex or her to make dinner she did it in fear that he also her. She have to do her makeup before FaceTime with her brother to hide the black eye and scratch marks on her face. One time they talked about him coming to get her. Dalton over heard the conversation came into the room and screamed how dare you plan to leave me. He smaked her and then she told Dalton she had to go. This was the night that he broke the vase her parents gave her before she died.

Her parents had given her a vase with a rose in it before they left the house that fatal night. Two hours after they left for the movies a car t-boned them. Sadly they were dead on impact her mom was killed by the car and her dad was pinned between the wheel and the door. The other car was going 85 mph in a 40 mph stretch of hiway. When Alison got the knock on the door she feared the worst. Her parents had answered her phone calls. Since her brother came down for the feanural they went over the will. Michael got the truck his dad had all paid for. Allison got her mom's car again all paid for execpt one payment. Each siblings got $1,000 dollars money that was saved up for a rainy day. Allison and Michael both got the house. Michael told Alison that if she wanted to they could sell it and she could move to Texas. Or she could stay in the house. This was their seconded family home. When Michael moved out at 23 to go to college. They didn't need the three bedroom and two bath house. So they sold it and rent to own the home Allison finished growing up in from 15 to now 19 just about to graduate highschool. Then full time at the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College she was dull enrolled. But now she have to try and get s job at the college. To support herself this is where she met Dalton Carter he was a 25 year old man who was going to the Franklin university. They met online in a Facebook group for college student's who need help learning french. Allison always wanted to learn French her room was cover in poster of France and books about France. Dalton was not all perfect sometimes his anger would get aggressive. He had a charger for domestic violence from his last girlfriend. She broke up with him when she caught him cheating on her. Her roommate was a backstabbing person until she came home early the day they broke up to find her in the covers passed out not asleep but with blood in her neck. Michael got her with the desk lap. Her roommate called 911 then campus security. They took her the hospital and charged him with domestic violence. He was given probation since his dad got him a good lawyer. Money us power they say and his was rich. Another aggression outburst swept under the rug by his dad. Michel requested Allison get an order of protection against Dalton. She finally did and when this was done. Came down and got here then flew back with her to Dallas, Texas. He had already got the appartment build manger to get the empty apartment next to his for his sister in his name. If you haven't yet please follow me on my social medias and my website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Xoxo, MariesArtEST2017

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