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A time to reflect and unplug

Sometimes we weren't meant to see the lesson in a situation until we removed the person form our lives. Some people aren't worth your energy, time, or friendship.

Vampires do exist in this world they are

narcissistic people toxic to the core. They sick your energy like a vampire does blood. You are under their spell once you break the spell you crazy.

You're not meant to give people more than what you need to.

This weekend's fishing trip was fun it was a break from normal. It also let me think about of things.

Some advice to think about remember a new beginning is every day. Wake up and remember what went wrong or what you think you can improve on from the day before and do it. Don't dwell on the past for there is nothing you can do to change it. It is only meant to be a reference to improve your future.

Take time to unplug from social media and make some art.

This weekend brought me back to my roots and reminded me that it feels good to be me. It feels good to be true to my roots because at my core I'm a country girl and a massive nerd. I am okay with me because I've been through hell and survived.

I've always tried to find the lesson in the struggles I've gone through. Life is meant to be loved like it's your last day because tomorrow we never promised. Never responded in anger because it might be the last words you to that person.

Guilt can destroy you but it doesn't have to if you've said things in anger even if it was years ago. It takes two minutes to send a text message or takes four minutes to call someone. Don't have regrets when you near the end of your life.

Even if you don't think your art isn't good or you don't have enough talent. Remember this anyone can learn it takes practice. Don't be afraid to try and let it hurt you in the end.

Sorry, this isn't my normal blog post but it's been a weekend and this week in a deep reflection.

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