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Abby needs more tranquility now more than ever.

(Disclaimer this does talk about domestic violence and Narstic mental health. I'd you feel in danger please call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233))

Abby never been one to tell you about her struggles. Only keeps her distance even before social distancing was required. She much rather do her online jobs and sit on her bed reading a book.

She was never one to agure about things that didnt matter at all. As she got up and got dressed this morning in early spring morning. A text came on her phone " You won't be able to live with me. I am only one who loved you. "

Her ex Tony was a narstic man who refused to seek treatment. He hit her a few times talked down on her.

She got the strength to leave in December because she knew she was pregnant afraid to tell Tony because he accuse her of cheating again. So many times before have they fought about old crap. It's just not worth the fight. She told her parents and surprisingly his parents asked her.

She was nervous about telling them but since they lived closer to her. They invited her over to tell her. They had long knew their son wasn't right. His dad actually his step dad and help his wife and her unborn son escape he narstic husband 30 years ago. Tony was adapted at birth so he never suspected anything. They offered to take her to the air port and get her a plan ticket home.

Still anxious she agreed they told her we going to take him out for lunch. You pack up all your stuff and a moving truck with this tag # will get your things. Take one carry on and a suit case and wait for us to bring him home. Then we will help you get out of the house safely.

This has been a wild journey but she made it to the end of it. She never expected to have support from his parents but she did along with her parents.

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