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Addiction & mental health

Welcome to the blog. Today I like to talk about mental health and addiction and how I am working on staying sober.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional or license. i am just someone who has mental health sharing their journey.

As of Tuesday, I found out sad and not so good news. My psychiatric I've been seeing for the last three years is leaving. So, now I have to learn a new doctor and gain trust with them which is hard to do for me.

I am as of April 4th I am five years sober. I found out in 2018 I was pregnant with my son and I quitting drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes also Marijuana. I quit cold turkey and that been five years ago now. My son is happy and most importantly healthy.

This is not to say I still don’t have the urge or the craving for alcohol or marijuana. I started back smoking cigarettes but I don’t smoke around my son. It’s the one thing I can't seem to stay quit from. If you are along with me in the battle to beat and overcome the addictions that pelage your life. I salute you. Remember you got this no matter what. Find your support network and if you don’t have one my inbox is always open to chat.

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