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After Artists Block Comes Inspiration.

I drew this the other night when I was having a major artists block. Then I thought I can draw it better so I stopped coloring it. Then I thought this concept minus a few things as a painting and the other pieces as a separate painting.

This is the outline work for the concept I came up with.

This is what I finished before I decided to do it as a painting.

I choose to leave this as an unfinished piece because I'm not sure if I like the original sketch. Although I do believe that I may finish this in a couple weeks.

Doing this piece did allow me to flow ideas and come up with Concepts that I actually did want to complete. Not every piece of art that we draw on a piece of paper or paint has to be finished. Sometimes it's a good idea to leave it as is  revisit it another day. 

I think of this just as it took Leonardo DA DaVinci several years before he finished the Mona Lisa.  It took 4 years (1503-1507) to paint it, although it was unfinished, it took another 3 years to complete, up to the year the painter died in 1519. Around 7 years of painting.

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Sincerely, MariesArtEST2017

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