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All of my current art projects and a mini update my on life. (Includes artwork for sale)

So, I know my blog post content is kindle all over the place but hopefully soon I be able to bring it back to normal. I thought this week I talk about the projects I've finished and the ones I'm working on at the moment. Finished projects are: 1.) April's bullet journal video. 2.) Doing the four re color video for the series where I shoe all the artwork I color from coloring pages to outlines I did my self. 3.) Flower painting video. Upcoming the next week and month: 1.) Sketchbook video five. (Crazy to me because I never planned to show my sketchbooks just my artwork. ) 2.) More website updates. 3.) Designing a new blog post header graphic. I am felling a bit scatter brain so may bullet journal is going to be more foucs and self care and artwork. I want to slow down and do quality layouts. Hope you guys will like them. My may cover reveal will be coming out this week hopefully. Artwork I've done this week. Are a college style artwork. I made a video for the art I have up for sell.

Originally this artwork I created was just for me and my personal self. But I shared it to Few groups and before I knew it I had so many people looking at it. Admiring my work and that made me feel good. So, I think I we will end this blog post with the artwork I have for sale. Buy 2 for $10 or three for . $15. This is just some of the artwork I want to sell and bless your home with my artwork.

I feel like I am making my dreams into reality. Sometimes you have a dream that you laugh becaude you don't think you're good enough or your artwork isn't a master piece. But remember this all things can change once your perspective changes.

Stop and smell the roses today be joyful that you give to live another beautiful day.

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Xoxo, MariesArtEST2017

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