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An artist keeping busy during covid-19.

As I sat thinking about how the covid-19 isloation applied to me as a mom, college student, and starting my own business is that this will be a major time foe self reflection. A time when your forced to slow down and a time to think about your priorities. Scrabbling these last two weeks and more tomorrow trying to remember everything my family needs is hard. Today I am going to be making an artistic brain dump for this hectic time. Sometimes we have to sit in the quiet and think things through. I'm so blessed to inspire you all with my artwork. So one of my major things during this are going to be editing my website and working on adding new features to my website.

I did these as a warm up the other day and I enjoyed it a lot. Also I've pick up a new hobbie because artwork can be many forms knitting, painting, sketching, their endless possibilities. My newest form of art is sewing. I was gifted a box of fabric's for my birthday so I am teach myself to sew.

Also I will be working more on my memoir currently into the first three pages of chapter two. How I'm writing it out is a chapter in a word document. So once I have all six chapters drafted out. I will then began to work on making them into one whole document. So, I am now going to sharing a few thungs that can inspire you to be crafty and crative durring this time to be less stressed out. Who knows you might make these new found hobbies as a coping skill. As i have with my artwork. My friend Ashlee wrote a book: is available on her website or Amazon. Selina Fenech one of my favorite artists. (Side note planning on doing more of her color pages on my new coloring book.) Her website: The coloring book im currently working on: Follow me if you haven’t already: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Xoxo, MariesArtEST2017

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