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Anthony became her guardian angel 

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Anthony was a young man who had everything the girl of his dreams. The job of his dreams as a U.S. marine. Bailey was his dream girl she was kind, smart and was a book nerd. His first deployment was coming up and he didn't know if she wait a year to see him again. So he made a dinner reservations at an upscale restaurant and a hotel room for the night. He wants her be by his side always so marrying her was the next step after four years of dating. So the with the reservations were made and the next step is to find out her ring size. Luckily for him she had a vision type board Amazon wish list which he could see. As he gets in the car to drive them to the restaurant she comes down the stairs in this beautiful camo dress. He feels underdressed in a slacks and a button down so he goes and gets suit jacket. They get to the restaurant and are seated. Anthony orders a 1995 $230 dollar bottle of wine. She gives him a smile she likes him pampering her. She knows though something is up. So as most women she goes to the bathroom. Then when he sees her coming back to the table. He gets up pulls out her chair and says my lady sit. He acts like going back to his chair but then gets down on one knee and says "Bailey will you do me the honor of becoming a military wife. More importantly a marine wife." She said yes and kiss him. They went to the hotel and enjoyed the night. Then on the way home someone t-boned their car and a witness called 911. Anthony and Bailey were rushed to the nearest hospital where anthony succumb to his injuries do to a colposed lung. Bailey brother james was sitting next to her bedside when she woke up. He had to tell her about Anthony and she cried and screamed. They never had a chance at a life as a married couple. The other driver was intoxicated and was charged with running a red light along with a DUI. Once it was released to the police that Anthony had passed away the driver was charged with murder. A person from the Marine crops came to talk to Bailey to let her know that Anthony would be given a military funeral with full honors. She was still carring. James said he'd move down to south Carolina near Bailey to help her because their parents had died in a car crash due to a drunk driver. She got home and wrote this in her journal that tonight he become her guardian angel and told herself she have a picture made by and artist.

This the the picture that the artist came up with. Follow me if you haven’t already: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website:

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