Anxiety is my motivation to make art.

Posting this weeks post early due to have just sold an artwork that took a lot of mental energy and time. Normal Monday and Thursday schedule will be back next week. I am going to talk about my next couple of projects. Then go into this week's blog post.

Projects are finishing the dress, a book sleeve for personal use, some paint projects, and working on my new writing project.

I created my YouTube channel in July and now I started doing vlogs along with my art videos. New videos go up every Monday.

Today I will be creating a certificate of authenticity for an artwork I sold yesterday. Also doing a sales receipt.

Hard at work on my new writing project typing up the handwritten version now. Plan to make that also into a vlog.

I going to post an older blog post that I want to re share.

This is from November 2019.

Feeling anxiety knocking at your door but you don’t to answer it. Change your mindset think of your coping skills maybe say your mantra a few times. Remember anxiety only has the power that you give it. So do your best to ignore it and focus on the task at hand. What I mean is to write it down on a sticky note or in a notebook where you keep thoughts for other tasks that aren’t what you are current doing. Basically, telling your anxiety I will give attention to blah blah blah at this time.

Work on your hobbies or passions but the most important thing I’ve learned is not to dwell in the negative emotions. For me this means journal or keeping my hands busy i.e. making art. If you like to color but you’re not too great at drawing, try coloring pages or color by number. I will give you an example I printed out this rose color by numbe