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Are you real?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Disclaimer I am not a therapist, nor do I suggest that you don’t go to therapy if you need it. In my personal experience therapy just isn’t my thing. Also, I just want to say that if you are ever in an abusive relationship and feel unsafe reach out for help. The national domestic abuse hotline (800)-799-7233.

I sit here at my desk still wonder the same thing. Are you real? When we met, I knew you seemed like a good guy.

So, the first time your hand smacked me and bruised my face and lips. I forgive you never did I think for a moment that it would become an auto response each time.

Bleeding Lips

I had done my lips with lipstick on this day. After you struck me, I looked in the mirror and this is what I saw.

You are a cruel manipulative fuck. I’ve never grew to hate someone as much as I did you. I never found myself hating the way I felt.

As I am sitting at my desk listening to a new song “Head above water” by Avril Lavigne ft. Travis Clark of We the King’s.

I can’t help but to think that’s what I’ve been trying to find in you a life support. I shouldn’t feel like I need a man or anyone to save me! I am capable to swim and can breathe under water. Why are we groomed to think a man needs to protect us?

We are empowering human’s we are capable to save are selves.

We need to learn not to be afraid to be who we are.

Update’s: So that was another poem. I miss writing sometimes and being able to share my art with it.

The website has a new fresh look and I am working on a new idea for videos. I have been so inspired lately and I’m beginning to see a new vision for my business. Later today I am going to be making a new product for the website.

I am not making art to please other’s this is my therapy and my positive outlet. I’ve learned in my mental health Journey that I have anger issues and depression. Although I say art is my therapy because when I am creating art, I noticed all my emotions are focused to the work of art I am creating.

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Sincerely, MariesArtEST2017

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