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Art is Therapeutic for me.

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

I am always improving my skills as an artist sometimes that leads down a path of self reflection and why I become an artist. 

I discovered a few reasons why art makes me excited and feel like you'd can make a difference.

 Here are three main reasons:

1.) Art is  therapeutic for me.

2.) When I am making artwork my mental health racing and thoughts slow down and allow me to channel my emotions.

3.) I am an avid lover of reading books. But I'd never really be able to share my thoughts in a book. Unlike where as being an artist I can share my meanings behind art work and it can be one thing in my perspective and something else in someone else's.

I've been making at now for going on three years. I am always making art or working on art projects. I am studying for business in college. I want to teach art was away to help kids and adults to help with their emotions.

Last night I had a peaceful sleep it's been so long since I've been able to turn my brain off like that. Just a reminder not all battles people are fighting don't exist if you don't see them.


I haven't wrote a story in a while so I think I want to now after making this digtial artwork.

Do I just slip under the water and not come back up??

    Every time LeAnn gets stressed out she day dreams of her happy place back to the lake she use to swim in where she first ever swam. She thinks of the fun times she had swimming in those clear blue waters and the treasures of life she saw under the waters. At one time she thought about how it might feel to go under the water not hold her breath and just let go not fight her natural instinct to swim back up for a breath of air.

One of these such times it was around five in the morning she just had a long night with the person whom she thought was a real genuine person only to discover that she was in over her head with the feelings she had. No amount of books especially romance novels could teach her all of the things she had yet to learn.

Now as she had grown older and takes a look at the mess she made coming out of that last relationship with that guy. When they began she barely new him but she thought she wanted to know him. She thought life had move in store but i don't think she realized the pain she caused her self each time she forgave him.

They say forgiveness is helpful to make you feel better but that's just it Leeann can't ever feel that same childlike innocence she used to seem to have an endless supply of. She knew deep down that the world wind romance they had was dying quick and fast. So she found a knife and was planning to use it to make a cut or two. He found out she was planning to self harm so he chose the beat on her and she felt more ashamed than before.

Who knew monster didn't just exist in the movies and that some people have some real life nasty ass demons to deal with in this life. LeAnn saw that this interesting guy took this photo of her and she began a conversation that she had no idea where it would lead her. But she felt that it was worth the chance to take the road less traveled to her.

By Marie Cochran


     I am so blessed to feel like in these blog post I can share a piece of myself in the hopes that someone else can relate to my story.

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