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Art & my business helps me with my mental health

This week I wanted to share how I found art in 2017 and it helped me to improve and mange my mental health along with my medication.

Trigger warning: I will talk about mental health, drugs and alcohol, and suicide attempts.

The best way to describe my situation back in 2017 was that I was homeless due to trying to end my life. I can say I’m glad it was a failed attempt. That's been more than five years ago now. This is where art comes in while I was homeless someone gave me an art kit a basic one and sketch book. I started doodling.

In 2018 I drew something for a friend and she wanted to buy the desgin for her book so I agreed. That when I was like I could make this a business. I also love to share stories, poems so I start this blog back in May 2018. It’s been draining to have to write something each week or too repurpose old posts. But it’s been a great way to snap myself out of a depressive funk.

It’s 2022 if I don’t feel like making a new post I reuse or update an old one. I am now getting close to 200 blogs and that super exciting for me to know that I stuck to doing something for others once a week and to try and help others on their mental health journey. In 2022 I have regualr shop updates. I post my artwork such as drawings, paintings, and sewing projects I do.

Curently running a sale for 10% off drawings to try and clean out the shop before the new shop update.

Im working so hard at my nine to five job that it’s really beginning to take a toll on my mental health so trying to get back to drawing each day at least one thing. Not because I have to make content but because I want to. I love my jobs both this business and my day job. I’d love to know what helps with your mental health? Leave me a comment at the botom of this post. Remember mealth health is important. Burnout is a real thing and it happens to us all.

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