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Balance is always needed to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Being a man with a small child is hard. But I change it for nothing. Everyone has days when they feel dealing with x, y, and z is too much.

This for me is why I make art because it helps me to have a positive way to sort out my emotions. In order to be able to keep my mood calm I will get a coloring page and color while I zone out. There are so many people who use an art form to help them manage their mental health. For me I started doing poems and short stories.

Once my life went into a rough season, I stepped writing the began. After a month I start make art now three years later I am building my own business around my art. I have another friend who done the stone. Ashlee began knitting and turned into a coping skill.

“It was basically by accident. I just sort of fell into it. I realized one day that all the knitting I was doing was making me feel better and I started to gain confidence and more self-worth. 10 years later… I started to connect all the dots and realized it wasn't just me… knitting and art can & does help a lot of people. Maybe without them even realizing it does.” – Ashlee Lackovic

Random thought: I am doing my first Inktober this year and I am very excited about it. So far I have done two sketch/drawings to practice for it.

This is the very first practice I did.

Mental Health fact: One of four people suffer from mental illness in one form or another at some point in their life. I know many people use a coping skill that without realizing it are in better mindset that before.

If you ever feel like your having a rough time, go through your coping skills list. Mine are: read my book, watch my TV show, experiment with a new project.

A really cool pumpkin that I sketched and then used it for Inktober practice.


Ashlee Lackvoic’s social media’s: (Smashlee stitches is her amazing business.)


Please follow me on social medoa on social media and have a great day.





Sincerely, MarieArtEST2017

P.S. I hope you are finding what you need to help make you be able to manage your mental health.

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