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Battle between light & dark. 

The battle between light and dark is a big one.

Do you know when you're fighting the battle of light and dark? For me the battle is a daily struggle with depression being one the major symptoms of my two disorders (PTSD and Bipolar). I want to talk about my coping skills and what has worked for me. Then go into details about each one. Coping skills:

1. Making art.

2. Reading books.

3. Playing video games.

Making art wasn’t always a coping skill for me. It started in November 2017. In 2018 I decided to try my hand at college for a business degree. But later dropped out when I became a single mom. But with it turning into my side hustle and business burn out happens a lot.

Reading books for me has been an escape since childhood. Current reading a childhood favortie book it is being back happy memories of the past. This too can also make you burn out which is why you need at least three or more coping skills in your arsenal at one time. Playing video games my husband says is a stress reliever. I didn’t believe him till the other day when I was stressed out played my game on Facebook and started to feel less stressed. Once I was focusing on the tasks in the game I felt better. What are your three main coping skills? Art the made that inspired this post:

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