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Being an artist in the pandemic

I wanna talk about three hardships during the pandemic. Also how you can possibly fix some of the hardships. I’m not an expert but I am just sharing what I experienced.

Hardship number one: not getting consistent sales. Not getting consistent sales is kind of hard as an artist to depend on sales for many things including supplies for them to make more art. money to pay certain bills. For me it’s extra money to help take care of a child.

Hardship number two: getting inspired while having to social distance. Meaning you can not go to the museum without having to wear a mask, you can’t go to a park without having to social distance from people meaning you can’t sketch people or sketch trees or plants. You have to snap a quick photo and then draw it later when you’re away from people or at home. This allows you not to catch every detail except for what you captured in the picture.

Hardship number three: people not wanting to buy art. Due to COVID-19 having people struggling to keep their jobs and pay their bills. Some people don’t see art as a needed item they see it as a want. Which means there are less likely do you want to buy some thing from you.

Now I wanna talk about a couple tips to help you get through each of these hardships. These are things I’ve done over the last few weeks and doing my monthly tracking of my followers, email subscribers here’s what I have seen as results.

Tips for hardship number one: not getting consistent sales is hard. So you need to revamp or do more networking. I have personally seen growth and networking with people joining people’s groups. It’s putting my artwork in front of new faces and some of those new faces could potentially become clients or customers in my case.

Tip for hardship number two: getting inspired while social distancing. Instead of taking just a quick photo try to wait to no one is in the area of where you want to take a photo of. Snap 3 to 4 shots of that area. This gives you four photo to use as references in your drawing later on. This allows you different views if you take the photos from different angles to capture more details.

Tip for hardship number three: people not wanting to buy art. One experiment I have done this week is to gauge where my audience is at but offering to coloring pages for free in my shop. One of these is a Valentine’s Day design and the other is just a flower. The flower design will still be free for February. The Valentine’s Day design as of tomorrow February 1 will be for three dollars. This was an experiment to get website traffic even if people didn’t download the free coloring pages. I still had a lot of people go and look at these coloring pages which drove my website traffic In two positive numbers.

I hope this helps you in getting some knowledge on this topic.

I also would like to thank Lori jean ( who gave me this topic idea to which I turned into three hardships and including tips to overcome those hardships.

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