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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I began making art in March of 2017 because I needed a way to express my my rapid-fire thoughts in my head during a manic bipolar episode. Writing out these emotions was always a mess once I finish them. So I found a medium to help me slow down these thoughts ie. creating art. A painting can say so much about the artist but words can only reach so far into the soul. Art guess my mind the quiet space to recharge my batteries for the sake of my mental health especially after a stressful week with being in college and also being a mother. Sometimes I enjoy the thoughts I have behind and idea a something that I want to learn about how to draw it. Many times I am inspired by Pinterest for other artists that I follow on social media. Artists are often inspired by other artists whether it be to create a work of art and their own style. We are also often inspired by other artists to improve some of our skills that need a little touching up. for a long time writing was my go-to form of expression now since focusing on art more, blog posts are allowing me to get back into writing. Wanting to keep this post short go follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiring writing and inspiring art. Below I will share the links to my social pages.

P.S. The Pinterest is new so it is still being set up.

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Sincerely, MariesArtEST2017

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