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Books I'm currently reading & an art challenge I created.

Disclaimer: I am talking about mental health, hard topics such as trauma and rape. I am not a licensed professional. I am someone who has mental health and trying to share my experience.

Today I like to talk about a book I’m currently reading and an art challenge I like to share with you to do. I am currently getting through my back list of books and one that I’m currently reading is an audio book. I currently have two books going at the same time. One is nonfiction and the second one is fiction. Both are really good and I am trying to get though with the audio book.

Fierce self-compassion by Kristin Neff was recommended to me by Catlin Da Sliva. I will link her good reads account here:

It is a powerful book and I’m in chapter six. I am working on this blog while I am listening to the book. I am also listening while doing my to do list. I am working on a few projects and now this book is helping me to get through some of my trauma because it talks about hard topics. But this Is where I am in a good place and I am working through the hard things I've been through.

In my other book “The numbers game” by Daniele Steel. It also talks about hard topics. I am working on reading as many chapters as I can without being triggered. This is hard having PTSD and reading such books like this. I am working hard on reading hard topic filled books. I am working on a few art projects that I planned to get done things week. Enough about books let share an art challenge. If you want to follow along just tag me in the post at any of my social medias.

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