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Burn out and a new poem

Let’s talk about why I am not posting new content on this blog and changing that today. May 18th, I started a new job and it’s been making me tried and super zoned out when I get home. To unwind from work, I been reading my book and that been all the energy I have. I am working to produce weekly blog post and weekly YouTube videos. Today I going to share a poem and a parts of an old blog post on burnout.

How to do something your passionate about without having a burnout. First, I think the best way to approach this topic is the definition of a burnout as an artist. Creative burnout can be defined as that heavy feeling of exhaustion and lack of interest in the work that you do. Creative Burnout tends to be particularly heart breaking because artists are very passionate.

Here is this week's new content is a poem I wrote and some new art I did.

New Feelings

You make me feel so alive again. I’ve been dead inside for so long.

I want to break free from the chains that bound me for so long.

I am no longer a prisoner of my own mind.

I accept the past and move into the future.

I forgave him even though I didn’t have to do it.

I forgave my inner child because she fought the war and won.

It's a funny thing to refer to my trauma as war.

Survived the war in pieces.

Someone came along and mended me back together so grateful for the person.

Life knocks me down and I get back up and go again.

Only thing to do is keep fighting the war inside my head.

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