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Chase your dreams with actionable steps

This week I want to talk about dreams. Motivation, accomplishing your dreams in actionable steps. Without taking actionable steps you rjust having a daydream.

I was talking about depression last week because I was in a depressive state. I was unmotivated not in a good headspace. Today I came up with this quote and I like the message it has.

I am working hard for my dreams. I noticed that my habits were causing me to be unproductive and not be present in my life. Being a mom means that some days I do not have a ton of energy, but I work hard on my business.

I wanted to see if journaling could change my mindset and give me new motivation. I found these prompts on Pinterest.

I am planning to answer a few of these each day to help me have a healthy habit of journaling again.

One of my oldest coping skills has been journaling. In the form of answering prompt questions or writing short stories and poems. If you have read to this point of the blog post comment on one coping skill you have. Even if you do not have mental health. What is something you do when you are stressed out?

I hope that this can inspire you to grab a piece of paper for a journal or to do a brain dump.

Art I have done recently is (both of these are coloring pages for free on my site):

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My Story of Overcoming: My Memoir by Marie Owens

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