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Clearance sale on shop and shop update.

I will have added a coupon code to my shop. My goal is to sell all art in the shop by October 15, 2021. Let’s get into the blog so, I can share the exciting news.

I will be selling out of my products in the shop. Only one product will be staying in the shop. This is so that I can add fresh new products to the shop.

Here is a picture of what’s currently available to buy. There is one more sticker not shown in the picture but that’s chance to go check out the shop.

If you're reading this then your going to read a special announced on the blog first update. I will be making a Christmas coloring book only six will be available to buy.

There will be some of drawings and a few paintings available to buy as well. This shop update will happen as soon as all the products sell out in the shop.

Here is the information for using the coupon code. Clearance sale on the shop. coupon code is "clearancesale10/21" for 10% off your order of $4 only 6 coupons available. Enter coupon code at check out.

That’s all for the quick update and blog follow me on on all social for my inktober challenge drawings.

Art work I did this last week:

Here are my links and my book which is my memoir.





Facebook group:

My memoir:

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