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Coping with mental health with therapy and medication.

Let’s talk therapy and medication for mental health. Discloser: I'm not a professional with mental health. I am just someone who has mental health trying to help people through my personal experiences. I talk about addiction and self-harm in this post.

I am going to break down the reasons why I have chosen the route of being on medication and not doing therapy anymore.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room first. I used the go to therapy as early as age 16 and stopped around age 22 because the last therapist I was seeing said doing well in life and on my medications. I also choose this decision because I am more of a person to bottle up my emotions and then journal to release those emotions.

For context I am 24 now almost 25 in March. I haven’t self-harm in five years. I have been sobered from alcohol since 2018 when I was 21 and found out I was going to be a mother for the first time. I was in a toxic relationship and knew that having a child with a narcissistic person wasn’t good. I knew I need to sober up for my child and myself so I could get out of the relationship.

If therapy works for you, I hope find healing. But for me it is no longer working as I do a lot of self-therapy and found coping skills that work.

I been on mental health medication since I was 16 and first diagnosed with PTSD. I went into a dark place because I was not properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder along with PTSD due to my age. I was misdiagnosed with major depression and PTSD. This went on for two years until I was 18 and got my psychiatrist at the time revaluate my disorders. To then they discovered I have major mood changes or properly called mood swings consistent with bipolar disorder.

Sorry that this blog post is short and quick if you like a more in-depth story of my journey you can read my memoir that on amazon.

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