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Crazy up leveling is about to happen with MariesArtEST2017

So, I finished chapter one of my memoir well at least the draft copy. I am currently working on my first opt in which will be a coloring page that I sketched out myself.

Planning on looking toward me making a video library for my website one places to see all of my videos. Their will a separate page for my memoir updates. This doesn’t mean that my social pages won’t still see these videos it just means that I am make it available in one central place.

My goal a mission in business journey as an artist is to always be transparent as possible and so here goes a venerable moment for me. I am an artist, a mom, a college student. Along with planning my wedding for later on this year life gets overwhelming. I usually make art or write blog posts on these days and pretend I not depressed. But today as I was going to repeat this same habit, I had a question pop in head. So, I decided since I am working on my memoir that it’s time to be more real with my followers and those who like my art. So, I'm sharing this graphic with the question I had pop in my head. Feeling the wall of not being authentic breaking down.)

So, for the first opt in I will scan the color page into my computer and then add my copyright mark. It’s going to take me some time to get my research done for sure but that’s part of the process in being a business owner.

Working to get my video files organized so they are ready to be uploaded into my new video library on my website.

A lot of my changes are slowing happening because I want to do my research first. Here I going insert a poem for a long time ago and a new art I just did.

Upcoming projects are:

1.) March bullet journal video

2.) Sketchbook flip through five

Don't forget if you haven't already followed me on social media:

Sincerely, MariesArtESt2017

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