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Does a Blank Sketchbook cause you Anxiety?

So, as sit here and type this I realize it the last Friday before Christmas 2019. I am currently drawing something that I will be taking about through this post. But first all artist and even writer experience that blank page anxiety. More so when deadlines are looming in your mind and on your calendar.

As a artist first and blog writer second my mission is to use my voice with my blog post to show you how I use art as a major coping skill of mine. It can even help to use coloring books or color by number see my blog post here more about that (

I am planning to change a few things with the blog graphic, but it will be the same style although I am planning on drawing the leaves myself and painting the black part of it.

Something else I'd like to mention this drawing started out as a rose and turned into a poinsettia. So sometimes your initial idea grows in to something more. As is it here listening to Christmas music it really makes me think about things especially my mental health. We sometimes forget to give ourselves kindness and compassion during this busy time. I knew that December was going to have nonstop on the go kind of month. So, I did a few things to prepare to make it as less stressful as possible. To start I planned out my December bullet journal in November. Two main reasons behind doing this were that I created my own customer planner for the 2020 year. I go into more detail about why in this blog post (

So first I want to show you the outline that I came up.

But after I began coloring it turned into looking more like a poinsettia so that's what I am calling it.

I have a few more ideas before 2019 is over that's for sure. But a video that I recently done the other day will be linked here. ( This is where I think I am going to end this blog post as it's 11:26 pm here in Florida. I hope that you enjoy your time spent with your family. Merry Christmas to all. The beginning of 2020 is going to be a hoot so make sure to stayed tuned.

Next projects to come are:

1.) Part two of my sketch book tour. (Will be posted after Christmas)

2.) Also, maybe one more blog post before the end of 2019.

Don't forget if you haven't already followed me on social media:

Sincerely, MariesArtEST2017

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