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Dreams are just ideas until a plan of action is made.

Hello to all so this thought came to me the other day. "Are our dreams worth it if we don't learn to be still and listen to our hearts? We have a passions but until we channel them they are just that dreams. Take action make a plan."

Making art was a passion of mine and I started college for teaching but that became a struggle. Then I switched colleges and decided to change my major. Now I am studying for business administration. I decided in November 2018 to take action on my dreams and created my facebook art page. Then a couple months after that around April 2019 I began my art Instagram account. In September 2019 I created my Twitter account. The people like my artwork the more i expanded.

I have double passions I like to make artwork and also I enjoy writing poems/short stories. Currently my last blog post from last week i shared a artwork created digitally and wrote a short story around it. I insert that link here:

My current writing project is a memoir about my life and what led me to artwork and writing as a passions but more importantly a carerr. Update on the memoir is that I have:

1.) I have made my table of contents

2.) I wrote my forward.

3.) I wrote chapter one and two.

4.) Currently working on chapter 3 now.

So many times I've sat down at my desk to write my story and for one reason or another it wasn't finshed. I am planning on typing it up soon. Dreams are only theories or wishes until in my opinion you write them down on paper or in a note app on your phone.

I am currently in the process of planning on re-orginzing the structure of how it is set up. Right now its in a composition


Upcoming projects:

Doing a video of all the digital artworks.

Doing a flip through of the first chapter typed up.

Follow me if you haven’t already:





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