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Energey vampires and there effect on mental health

This week on the blog i want to talk about a topic i've been debaiting on for a while now.

This was my post on facebook:

Guess what your an energey vampire and toxic.

I snip sniped the ties between you and me. One day i explain how you tried to suck all my engery boone dry. But for now enjoy being blocked.

The song i am listening to while writing this is:

You may be asking what is an engery vampire:

The term energy vampire or “psychic vampire” refers to fictional creatures that feed on the “life force” of other living creatures.

The Two Different Categories Energy vampires or emotional vampires as coined by American author, Albert Bernstein are people who seem to drain you of your vital life force.

An artticle i found while looking the deffintion that was 10 warning signs is:

This is in refernce to my exhusband and my child's biological father.

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