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Everlasting love and eternal flame chapter 4

Here is chapter a link to chapter 3 with a link in the header to chapter one and two.

Everyone at some point in life has a fear of rejection. Having a crush not knowing how to express your feelings about this is person for fear they won’t feel the same way. Roxanna wasn’t sure she was pretty enough for a guy like Sabastian. A guy who has hair that makes him stand out in a crowd. Roxanna had all these negative feelings and doubts popping into her head, so she focused on reading my book. She wasn’t the make-up wearing type she preferred jeans and baggy t-shirts. She felt insure about her body.

One day at school it was kind of cold as cold as Florida can get. Roxanna slept in late, so she forgot to grab her jacket. She was shaking when Sabastian came over toward her at the vending machine because a girl needs her cherry coke zero. When he saw her shaking, he said, “Hey Roxy. Do you want to borrow my jacket?” “Strom I can’t take your jacket.”, said Roxanna “Take it was more of a demand anyway.”, said Storm.

Roxanna hated being told what to do but Storm commanding her get her kind of excited. Something about Strom’s voice made her have a chill down her spine and go a little bit crazy. Roxanna thought about did Strom feel this way about her.

Storm feared rejection for he wasn’t sure if she had the same feeling for her. Storm heart skips a beating when he thinks about her. When he is near her his heartbeat races. His breath goes weak because he trying to say he likes her.

Roxanna wished he say something to her to give her a sign of if he wanted anything to do with her more than a friend. But in the same moment she was scared to say anything to him about her feelings.

Roxanna is scared to allow storm into her heart because she’s been burned one to many times before. Sabastian hasn’t told Roxanna about the time he wasn’t catfished and then found out it was Alexandria.

Alexandria seemed like Roxanna friend and it hurt him that he unknowing dated her online. He was scared to tell Roxanna about the brief relationship. By this point he decided that Roxanna deserve to know the truth. He texted her to meet him under the stairs by the gym to talk. When he told her, she got red in the face. Alexandria was now her enemy # One.

Sometimes all we have is to build the fearless spirit inside us and say what’s on our hearts. Sabastian is going to spill his guts because he can’t lose her.


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