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Everlasting love and eternal flame chapter 5

I am going to share the link for chapter 1,2,3 and 4 then I will post chapter five.

Roxanna was in the library her safe place to immerse herself deeply into the pages of books. Storm sent her a text, “Hey. Where are you? We need to talk…” Roxanna texts back within seconds, “In the library in the section where we first met.” Storm texted back, “see in five minutes.”

Roxy anxiously taps on her book as she waits for Sabastian aka Storm to come find her and to talk. When they meet up, he tells her we need to go be by ourselves to talk. He takes her to the opposite side of the courtyard he puts his jacket on the ground. So, that she wasn’t siting on the bare concrete. It was a cold morning in Florida so, he asked her can they cuddle. She said sure we can cuddle. She was thinking he must like me more than friends. “What did you want to tell me?”, said Roxanna.

“I wanted to tell you how excited you make me feel. How you’re not like other girls you are book smart. I really wanted to tell you that I like you more than a friend. Can I tell you the truth about something?”, said Sabastian. “Yes of course tell me anything.”, Said Roxanna.

“Alexandria crushed on me in the past and it caused me to have trust issues because she lies about me to girls I liked. A lot of girls are fake. But you have something special about you. Your honest and 1005 yourself. Would you like to go out with me and be my babygirl?”, said Storm. “I figured you had history with her. But now I am scared because I told her that I have a huge crush on you.”, said Roxy. “Do you accept my offer to be my girlfriend and go on a date with me?”, said Storm. “I want to get to know you more. I want to make this connection stronger and get to know you more.”, said Roxy. “Okay so I can deal with that ask me anything let’s play 21 questions?”, said Storm.


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