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Everlasting love and eternal flame chapter 6

Last week I shared chapter 5 and the links for one through four. Here is chapter six.

Sebastian was very nervous about the week ahead he had been deep in though all weekend about his date with Roxanna on the following Saturday. He decided to work on his love letter to her.

Dear Roxy,

You have allowed me to feel so much joy in my life. I felt now that I have told you that I like you that it’s a good time to tell you I am the one who’s been writing you the letters signed your rescuer. I added to your erotic fan fiction. I think we will have fun on our date. Who knows but I think we make a cute couple?

Your bestie, Storm


Storm walked up to Roxanne hugged her from behind slid the letter into her back pocket. Grabbed her juicy ass and whispered “I slid something in your back pocket. Text me when you read it.”, said Storm.

Roxanna went the bathroom immediately and tried to hide her bright pink bushed cheeks. She went into a stall and read the letter she felt butterflies rising in her stomach. As she read the letter she bit into her lip on accident. She got her phone out of her backpack and text him this “I loved your letter and all the notes. You have shown me chivalry isn’t dead for two months I want to hang and maybe date you. Once I get to know you more.”

He is such an amazing guy. Not to be superficial about looks but it’s hard not to when he gives you vampire vibes. She loved his boldness in grabbing her butt although she wished he’d smacked it. She left the bathroom walked up to him hugged him kissed him on the cheek and said, “you’re blowing my mind.”

Ending part one


Next week will start part two of the book. If you like a PDF copy comment below and I'll get in touch with you.

Art i did this week: a geometrical pattern.

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