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Everlasting love and eternal flame chapter 7

Mini update: I am still getting used to my new job so for now this series will continue until i get used to my new job. My depression has been minimal this past two weeks. So, things are going well. Here is chapter 7 if you want the full book comment below and I get in contact with you.

Link to chapter six ( link inside for chapters 1 through 5):

Chapter seven: chains are broken It is one year since Roxanna moved away and had not talked to suggestion. She has been though some though some crap in the past. She met a guy who liked to not women. When she got away and moved to a friend house. She finally got her phone turned back on. She got a friend request from seabastion. Roxanna hoped it was really Storm and not Alexandria pending to be him. Alexandria is a mental case crazy person. Seabastion sent her a message request “hey love,when you read this message me back.”, said Storm. “Hey if it’s you how did you sign the notes you wrote before you told me you liked me.”,said Roxanna.“Your rescuer”, said Seabastion. Roxanna knew it was him so now she accepted his friend request. They spent hours catching up. Seabastion refuses to give up on trying to get a date with Roxanna.“I have the day off if you want to grab a cup of cup.”,said Storm. “Yes”, said Roxanna.

Storm was so excited because after one year he is finally landed a date with her.If the coffee date goes well,he is planning to take her to the bookstore nearby. Roxanna felt like she was reading a romance book,but it was her own life. As Roxanna arrived at the coffee storm asked her if she wanted to smoke a cigarette because if so,they get coffee to go. They decided to get their coffee to go so they could sit on the bench by the river.They both smoked a cowboy killer (marble red 100’s). They went though the basic catch up questions. He asked nonchalantly“Do you still have feelings for me?”Storm had not felt this genuine happy feeling in years. He never wanted it to stop.Roxanna missed this genuine connection with someone else. As she began to get through away her coffee cup now empty. Storm took it for her. Then took her hand kissed it. Then asked her“will you give the pleasure of being me lady?”, asked Storm. “Yes,I will.”, said Roxy.


Art work I did today:

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