Everlasting love and eternal flame chapters 1 & 2

Updated: Mar 17

Today I am sharing chapters one and two of my book.

Chapter 1: The first encounter

Roxanna watches Sebastian from a far. As she looks like her calm and normal self. Nose buried deep into her Stephen king novel. That is the first he looked at her and smirked she didn’t know if it was because of her book or if he thought she looked cute. Then at lunch Roxanna was sitting at a table and a douche that she was dating.

Sebastian thought that she should be with someone who valued her as an equal person to them. This was a new school for Roxanna, and he knew she was a junior this year. He was starting his senior year.

After two months of being at her new school she felt her isolation and depression creeping back in. so she spent more time in the library. Douche guy asked to hang out after school and her ffa meeting was over. “do you want to chill after your ffa meeting?” asked douche guy. “yeah sure sounds like fun,” said Roxanna.

The ffa meeting ran about ten minutes late. So, when she showed up late, he made some bullshit excuse about how she did not value his precious time. “I do value your time, I’m sorry but we have a competition coming up in two weeks and my partners lab notes were unreadable, so I had to re write them.” Said Roxanna. She sat down he asked her if he could touch her breast. “hell, no you can’t, it’s my body and we only been dating a week.” Said Roxanna.

her ride pulls up and she says see you tomorrow. On her way home she crushed herself up for not cursing him out. Guys always saw her as an object not a human being. She allowed herself to be treated this way.

The next day in the morning before first period Roxanna in a chair reading book two in her current series she was reading. As she got up to leave douche guy was in a row of books kissing Alexandria supposedly her best friend. Roxanna held in the anger all day. She walked to ffa class got in and sat at her desk. She opened her book to find a note that read, “he doesn’t deserve you, a beautiful attractive smart girl. A surprise awaits you at lunch” from your rescuer.

Lunch time came Alexandria got in line with Roxanna. Roxanna debated do I cuss her out for kissing my