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Everlasting love and eternal flame chapter 3

Today I will share chapter three if you like to start from chapter 1 here the link for chapter one and two that was last week post.

Chapter three: scared to be myself

Roxanna had trust issues and even more soon the last month because of douche bag. Roxanna notice that one of her note books was missing books was missing. It was her black five-star spiral bound three subject notebooks. She was writing a fan fiction and someone as probably reading it now. Even worse they were probably messing with the plot line she spent hours working to develop.

In a safe of panic, she flips her room upside down searching in case she misplaced it but no luck. Now she had to grab her textbook along with her backpack to run and catch the bus. Roxanna was reading her book praying storm wasn't reading her fan fiction. She needed to pay detective to see if he had it.

I'm the first period she opened her backpack and her notebook was in her backpack. At first, she thought she was going insane. So, she desperately flew it open to where she left off writing only to discover it was added to. Her last sentence was: "Thor told for more how fine she was looking. How he wanted an out this world experience."

Added after that was: "Thor gives Gamora a dozen of roses and a squeeze on her ass." Roxanna couldn't but feel whoever added I this was leading the story in a good direction. When Sebastian saw Roxanna not eating lunch, he told her to come eat if I get you vending machine snacks. Roxanna had an eating disorder that she was able to hide it. Roxanna blushed she liked being romanced and chivalry is one of storm personality traits. She bit her lips and tried not to appear turned on.

She saw Sabastian walking to class and she said "thanks storm I loved your description of price charming. She wanted to hug him then kiss his lips. Sacred to show she was a girl who wasn't and isn't afraid to be blunt brutally honest.

She didn't want to make the moves this time she wanted on old school style of romance. She was not sure he was even the commenting type. The moment she felt he was talking with Alexandia. So, she chooses to stay hidden for the rest of the school day.

She opened her textbook to find a note. It said: "Please don't assume things. Ask me first, Wanna be texting buddies? My number is (000)-000-000 text me sometime. ", said your rescuer.


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