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Explaining the meaning behind the art.

I am referring to my Christmas mitten design I did. Before I get into the design, I wanted to talk about why I am doing Christmas stuff in November. I like to nit rush a shop update like I did for Halloween and I like to create all new art for this shop update. I am also going to be uploading old work and book sleeves that I like for a black Friday sale.

After or maybe before that black Friday sale ends like to share my Christmas designs. I’d love it if you shopped small and bought a gift from my shop.

On the inspiration for the art and the meaning behind it.

Mismatched sized/shaped mittens tied together as a symbol of love and Christmas joy. I love the way I colored the mittens with the two traditional colors of Christmas. This is done with a black paint marker and Crayola markers on canvas that’s 4 x 4. This is the first Christmas design and it will be in my shop once I post the Christmas artwork. It will be $6 dollars. I am still doing flat rate shipping for the U.S. and a different price for international. If you didn’t know my other passion is writing and of course I am doing a kindle Vella story. If you want to check it out go to this link:

Want to get more from me follow me on social media and my website:

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