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Five prompts for PTSD

Today I like to share a little more into my world of having mental health. PTSD is one of my disorders.

I just going to go for it list the five prompts and then share some art.

These aren't required to be done In order. Pick one and write.

Prompt one: What is the trauma I faced and survived?

For me this is the moment to write out your trauma take a not wolf your feeling as your writing. Once you finish write those feelings done.

Prompt two: what's two coping mechanisms I have right now?

I feel that you need to be aware of your tools to help you cope with your mental health.

Prompt three: Put on a mediation then journal whatever comes to your mind?

This exercise is a brain dump it helps you sort through the thoughts in your head.

Prompt four: write a letter to the person who caused your trauma?

This can help you get out any emotions you might have in your head.

Prompt five: Breathe and remember your stronger than the pain. What's one thing you do to feel better everyday?

For me I can paint and make art to help me cope with my PTSD.

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