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Focusing on my purpose with my business.

Let me say this by no means do I have these super art fancy blog posts. I use my blog post as a way to combine both my writing and my artwork into my growing business. I want to grow into a space where I can help my followers and readers through a though day. It could be through my blog posts a part of my life in writing from , my art videos of my process of creating something. My artwork not only gives me the outlet to work with my struggles stress but it gives me a way to inspire someone everyday. In this blog post I going to cover all current projects and talk a little bit about how writing my memoir is helping me in my journey to recovery. How can I incorporate self love and journaling , mental health support into my business? Answer: I a how myself self love by being compassionate instead of judging how scrappy my artwork might be. I have grown to understand art is different to everyone there is no right or way wrong way. I create because it makes me happy it pulls me away from the darkness of depression , overwhelming feelings. If you have been reading my blog post of following me on social media you know that I'm November of 2018 I began to start with bullet journaling. It been an over all improvement to my life because it's allowed me to combine my planner along with my journal in one easy system. Mental health support comes in when I write stories on about domestic violence because I have been in two abusive relationships. I'm May of 2019 I made a hard choice to break the cycle and kick my child's father out. I choose to be the cycle breaker.

May is a really hard month for me so I plan to make my last post about the hard moments along with all of my mermaid drawings from #mermay2020. I am working hard to make my days feel inspiring as possible. Today I choose to create a new blog graphic so I am going to still post the old one at the topic for this post but next week that will change. I want to share the process of making the new blog graphic in this post.

Once I scan this I will be using it as my new blog post graphic. So other things I've done lately are started to write chapter five of my memoir. I have got chapters 1 through 4 and started on five.

If you haven't yet please follow me on my social media and my website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Xoxo, MariesArtEST2017

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