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Going through the motions

This week I like to talk about depression and burnout as a business owner and mom.

I have to write a to do list each day to keep myself on track with my tasks that need done. I found this quote ad thought I'd share it.

"... discipline of writing something down is the first step towards making it happen." - Lee Lacoca

I been burned out with many jobs that I have to juggle.

My nine to five, being a mom, my art business. Throw my divorce into the mix and now I feeling a bit of self loathing and doubt. Is it my fault the marriage failed? Is it my fault he cheated on me?

The simple answer is no its not my fault. I did everything for him but put him before my child. No one not even myself is before my child.

I worked hard to provide and help out. I paid all the bills. While my soon to be ex husband barley paid for one or two bills.

Some artwork I did this week that's digtial:

Tradional artwork:

Here are my links and my book.

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