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Grab a drink and let’s chit chat.

Topics in this post will be:

  • Places I travelled to this past week.

  • Updated twitter bio and Instagram profile.

  • Why I prefer to paint from reference photos.

Places I travelled to this past week. I went to my sister’s house in MacClenny, Florida. To hang out with her and have our kids play together. It was on Thursday which I was supposed to be off from work but I picked up a night shift. I also travelled to home town Hawthrone, Florida and captured this beautiful picture of one of my grandpa cows under a tree.

Updated twitter bio and Instagram bio Twitter bio first. Old bio: I'm an artist, I've been making art for 5 years now. My passions are art and writing. New bio: Artist from 6 years as 11/17/2022. #Writer since 7/30/2020. Mom and Entrepeneur since 2018. Instagram: Old bio: #digtialart #artistsoninstagram working on my #mentalhealth through my art and my blog. Also help to inspire others. New bio: #digtialart #artist working on my #mentalhelathmatters since I started in 2018. Writing books and a blog to inspire others. Why I prefer to paint from reference photos. I prefer photos over live objects or subjects because one I am blind lol (I really need glasses to do anything). Two because I can look at it and not worry about it moving or how long it takes me to free style and create my initial sketch. I hope you enjoyed this quick little blog post and hope you subscribe to the email list on the website then I add you to the mail chimp list.

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