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He's not the one for you.

DISCALMIER: This post talks about domestic abuse and it’s a work of fiction. If you or some you know is in an abusive situation, please call the domestic abuse hotline at 1-800-799-7233)

Allison text her brother " He loves me, but he hit me again. It's bad this time. Can you come get me and take me to the ER?" Her brother replied, "of course but you have to report him this time." Allison was being abused by her boyfriend but because this has been going on for so long, she felt she would escape him alive.

Allison had another bad nightmare. Her brother came to the door and knocked are you okay. She realized she'd had another nightmare and woke him up.

So, got up went to the bathroom and wash her face. Ask herself do you remember ever having peaceful dreams since you left him.

She wrote in her journal before putting on a meditation. Then she went back to bed. The next morning, she woke up a decided to do another inspiration painting. She done a couple of them but this one would be special. It would mean something to her. It would symbolize the dream of starting to plan her exit from the toxicity of the relationship she was in.

She decided that maybe it's time again to work with a therapist. She never truly thought she get to this point where she was willing to work and accept herself for who she was.

Dreams became less intense and she knew that's what happens when better nights are head.

Her therapist read some harsh facts to her. "One in four women will experience domestic abuse at some point in their life. An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. Women comprise 85 percent of domestic violence victims.'


When I painted this painting I wasn't sure it would inspire a story but then again it look now it did. I have experienced domestic abuse in my life. But I don't let a statistic defined me I tell myself things happen for a reason even if I don't see it at the time. My mission is to use my artwork as a coping skill but also as a way to share an insight into my mind. I hope you are getting to know a little bit more of me each week as I sit a write out these blog post. Before I end this post I'd like to share some project updates.

There will be a video coming out either on Tuesday or Wednesday for the whole process on painting this "Dream" painting.

Also, I am working on super exciting news that I am getting ready to share with you all in the next week or so. I'm am looking into the process of maybe posting my blog posts through Pinterest.

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