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How does depression affect your relationships?

This week I want to talk about depression in my relationship and art I working on. Trigger warning, I talk about sexual assault, rape, trauma and other things such as a unaliving. if these topics are too hard for you to handle, I understand and you may get just continue to scroll and look at some of my other blog posts that are on lighter topics. If any part of this blog post resonated with you please leave me a comment down below I would like to connect with you.

I think the best way to talk about this is to break it down into a list then discuss each item on the list.

  • I often get depressed when I don’t finish my to do list.

  • Both of my disorders (PTSD and Bipolar) have depression as a symptom.

  • Sometimes I have flashbacks cause my depression to be affected.

  • I get depressed and overwhelmed easily.

I often get depressed when I don’t finish my to do list. Either the night before or the morning of I sit down and write my to-do list for that day. This allows me to see what tasks I need to complete and allows me to prioritize those tasks. Depression makes you not have the energy to do certain things and this sometimes causes me not to complete my to-do list. But she gives me an overwhelming feeling of I'm a failure. Both of my disorders (PTSD and bipolar disorder) have depression as a symptom. My disorders make me have to be on depression medication in order to help my mind slow down and function. I am not suggesting that medication is for everyone but it helps me with my disorders. Because both of my disorders have depression as a symptom, I can often get very depressed. Sometimes I have flashbacks and they cause my depression to be affected. Let me start this off with saying that PTSD is not just from war or the military. It can happen for many traumatic events ranging from sexual assault, rape, to a hurricane or other natural disaster. Sometimes when I have these flashbacks after I come back to reality, I'm often very depressed while processing what has happened in the flashback. I get depressed and overwhelmed very easily. Having PTSD has caused me a lot of overwhelming feelings when I process flashbacks that often happen once or twice a week. Some people have flashbacks more than I do but that does not discount what I go through. Some of my flashbacks I become very violent because I'm thinking that I'm defending off my attacker when I'm defending off a person that's trying to help me through the memories.

If you've made it this far in the blog post I thank you for reading. I would like to share with you some art that I created the other day.

I'd also like to share my kindle Vella story with you all. I will share links to episode one and two. Three is still in review to be published. Find me on these social medias:




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