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How I taught myself to make art and a poem

Good morning when you read this today post might be short and sweet, but I think that is okay. I wanted to share a poem I wrote this week and answer a question for artist.

The question I want to answer is How did you teach yourself to make art?

I taught myself by watching how to videos on YouTube. Using how to draw books from my local library. Finally, I practiced a lot and got better over the years. I started with drawing roses and then lotus flowers. I spent a whole year focusing on improving these specific sketches. For 2020 I am focusing on drawing hands.

I am not sure how many drawing books I looked at before I found a flower one that matched with me. I will show a rose from 2018, 2019, 2020 and let you see how my skills have improved.

This one is from 2018. This is done with sharpie markers.

This is from 2019. This was an experiment with acrylic paint.

This is one from 2020. Done with Crayola markers.

Poem time!!!!

Title: Good morning.

The sun raises on a new day and dreams begin to shine.

My long-lost desires come back to life.

It is been many weeks since we fell in love.

My passions grew stronger with each growth of my business.

Time is only so long therefore my work needs to have purpose.

What would it mean if my art inspired thousands of people?

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My Story of Overcoming: My Memoir by Marie Owens

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