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I feel burned out

This week I want nothing more than to be real honest with you all. I am burned out at the moment.

I tried for most of 2022 to do my art business full time and it didn't pan out like I hoped. So as of April 6th I got a new nine to five job working in the resutrant industy at a pizza place. I have only had three days off since starting the job.

I have been trying to keep up my post for my art business social medias and trying to keep up with my blog and youtube. On top of all i do in my business i still have a three year old child to tend to and keep up with my passion of reading. Art has been hard to make becuase i just not as inspired as I used to be.

My mental health is suffering as well with increased nightmares and my medcation no longer working the way it's supposed to be. I go to the doctor on May 3rd and I hope to get a new medcation.

Today as I sat down to do some behind the scenes work. I admited to myself that I feel burned out. Being able to recongizie this is the first step and helps me to be able to correct it before it gets out of hand.

So, I will not be taking a break but more of slowing down and working on my art then sharing my process after its complete.

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